**** Worcester Line Schedule Change Status:

Due to ongoing work at the new Yawkey Station, the enhanced schedule implementation will be delayed. The new schedule cannot go into effect until the station platforms can fully accommodate both inbound and outbound trains simultaneously. In addition, the MBTA is taking under consideration some schedule changes suggested by customers and local officials. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the delayed implementation of the new schedule. The MBTA looks forward to bringing improved service to the customers of the Framingham/Worcester Line as soon as possible. ****

MBCR provides safe and reliable service for 70,000 daily riders across 14 different lines on 670 miles of track in and around the Commonwealth. Since 2003, MBCR has operated the fifth largest commuter rail network in the U.S. for the MBTA, making 140,000 daily passenger trips.

Along with ensuring the safety and security of our passengers, we strive to listen and understand our customer's needs. We continually work towards increasing the level of passenger satisfaction.

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An aggressive repair and maintenance program and the addition of 75 new HVAC units in passenger cars have resulted in a near perfect air conditioning record of 99% the past four summers.


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