Veolia Transportation North America

Veolia Transportation is a leading provider of transportation in North America, operating bus, rail, paratransit, shuttle and taxi services and transporting more than 400 million passengers annually. We operate in 200 locations and have 17,000 employees. 

Veolia Transportation is the North American business unit of Veolia Transport a subsidiary of Paris-based, Veolia Environnement, a global leader in environmental services operating in 60 countries. We are the only major transportation company in the world that is part of an environmental parent company.

Our Rail Division
Veolia Transportation operates high-capacity rail systems of all types throughout North America.  We operate commuter and regional rail services, linking downtowns with suburban areas around Boston, Los Angeles, South Florida, North San Diego County, and – soon – Houston, TX.

Our Transit Division
We operate some of the largest and most sophisticated bus networks in the US and Canada, including Las Vegas, Phoenix, Denver, San Diego, Baltimore and suburbs of Washington DC, Atlanta and Toronto. We also operate 25 paratransit networks in the U.S., providing mobility to the elderly and disabled. 
We operate many types of bus shuttle services, moving consumers, students, airline crews and airline passengers. We manage rental car and employee shuttles for airports, including Phoenix and San Jose.

We also provide innovative services like our Veloway bike sharing program that complement our traditional bus services.  We are a leader in the transit industry in the implementation of alternative fuels, as part of our commitment to sustainability.

Our On-Demand Division
The On-Demand Division of Veolia Transportation manages our businesses that respond directly to consumer requests for transportation. This division includes SuperShuttle, the nation’s leading airport shuttle, transporting over 8 million passengers a year. We also own ExecuCar (private sedan service) in 11 major cities and taxi businesses in Baltimore, Denver, Pittsburgh, Kansas City, and the Washington DC area. 

Veolia Transport Worldwide
Veolia Transport is a leading private operator of multiple modes of transportation. We operate in 30 countries and transport 2.7 billion passengers per year. We have 150 years of operating experience and relationships with clients that span decades.  We are a pioneer in the creation and development of public-private partnerships in the transportation sector and a committed leader in the race against climate change.

Bombardier Transportation

The world leader in manufacturing and maintenance of passenger rail vehicles, employs more than 34,000 people, is present in 60 countries and has 56 manufacturing/engineering sites in 26 of those countries. Bombardier Transportation has extensive rolling stock maintenance experience obtained through a number of diverse contracts, including high-speed, commuter, intercity, light and automated rail transit systems in 5 continents. In North America, through its Services Division, Bombardier maintains and or operates the two largest BiLevel commuter fleets in the continent, GO Transit in Toronto and Metrolink (Southern California Regional Rail Authority) in Los Angeles. In addition, Bombardier provides maintenance and/or operation services for the Ottawa-Carleton Regional Transit System, Southern New Jersey Light Rail Transit System, South Florida Regional Transportation Authority and NCTD Sprinter in San Diego.  In addition Bombardier has over a dozen contracts in transit vehicle overhaul, material supply agreements, parts distribution and e-learning. Bombardier is also the manufacturer of nearly half the coach fleet of the MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority) commuter rail.  A unique advantage for the authority in terms of having the Bombardier technical know-how resources and parts & material acquisition capabilities available and the world’s largest transit provider for new rolling stock and services to support our joint venture agreement with MBCR in Boston.

ACI - Alternate Concepts, Inc.

Alternate Concepts, Inc. (ACI), established in 1989, is a full-service transportation operations and maintenance provider headquartered in Boston, MA. In addition to being MBCR’s local partner, ACI manages all operations and maintenance functions for Tren Urbano – San Juan, Puerto Rico’s heavy rail system. Tren Urbano is the backbone of the island’s transportation system, serving the 1.3 million residents of the metropolitan area, and one of the first modern transit systems in the United States to be designed, built, operated and maintained by a single team. ACI also functions as the Transportation Services contractor for Valley Metro Rail, Inc., providing all operations and central control services for the first-ever light rail system through Phoenix, Arizona serving downtown Phoenix, the University of Arizona and major commercial and entertainment venues. ACI is also the managing partner of Paul Revere Transportation – one of the largest private bus operators in Boston, the seventeenth (17th) largest private bus operator nationally, according to METRO Magazine in January, 2009, and the only private operator in the Northeast U.S. to offer CNG vehicles and a full CNG maintenance facility.

Through these entities, ACI provides important services as part of integrated transportation networks.  From operating shuttles to special destinations such as area hospitals, universities, and airports to providing rail service and public transit expertise to systems in need, ACI has become a trusted, reliable resource in transportation to numerous metropolitan areas. As a company dedicated to the provision of transit services, ACI prides itself on its safe, reliable, comfortable, world-class transportation



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